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Wireless connectivity

Wireless MCUs

We offer the longest range with the lowest power, featuring:

  • Lowest power integrated PA: up to +20dBm TX power
  • Link budget up to 143dBm
  • Operates as low as 1uA using sensor controller

Multi-band MCUs

Supports concurrent Sub-1 and 2.4GHz operation

  • Dynamic multi-protocol manager enables concurrency
  • Sub-1 GHz and Bluetooth Low Energy on single radio
  • Add smartphone connection to long range network


Over 10 years of RF experience with industry-proven transceivers, with the benefits of:

  • Up to +14dBm TX power at 45mA
  • Down to 4kHz of bandwidth
  • Best in class RF with high performance narrow band

Why us for Sub-1 GHz?

We provide a broad portfolio of wireless devices ranging from transceivers to wireless and Multi-band MCUs:

  • Robust software options: out-of-box 15.4-Stack star-network solution and proprietary network support
  • Superior ultra-low power performance over a broad temperature range versus competition
  • Save power with a programmable sensor controller core capable of executing simple tasks while the system CPU and Arm? Cortex?-M4 MCU core are in sleep mode
  • Up to -125dBm sensitivity and data rates up to 4Mbps

New Sub-1 GHz LPWAN standard

Creating your long-range, low-power and robust? networks just got easier! As one of the founding members of the MIOTY? Alliance, TI is excited to offer a standardized protocol for the Sub-1 GHz spectrum for low-power wide-area networks (LPWAN).

MIOTY Alliance logo

Say hello to faster network prototyping

Create secure, low-power, multi-band sensor networks in minutes with our new LaunchPad SensorTag Kits. This fully enclosed, battery-operated wireless prototpying platform can jumpstart your development with out-of-the-box battery-operation and on-board sensors.

lpstk board shot

Wireless MCUs optimized for ultra-low power performance

Our SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx wireless MCUs are designed with ultra-low power performance in mind, utilizing an autonomous CPU core called the sensor controller for power optimization. In the case of a mechanical flow meter with an impeller, the main MCU core could sleep while the sensor controller interfaces with a LC-sensing subsystem to detect disc rotation and provide accurate water flow rate information , only waking up the main MCU core and radio to wirelessly transmit flow measurement. This type of design can enable ultra-low power consumption, ensuring the multiple years of battery life required for flow meters.?

Software solutions for every need

Out-of-box SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz network solution

Developers interested in a pre-built, robust proprietary network that is FCC/ETSI compliant and has security and multi-node capabilities should consider our 15.4-Stack, supported on our SimpleLink wireless MCUs.?

Build your own?network or migrate an existing one

Proprietary software examples featuring industry-proven RF drivers for developers interested in building their own proprietary network or migrating an existing solution to our wireless MCUs.

Out-of-box SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz network solution: our 15.4-Stack

While implementing a Sub-1 GHz network solution can be complex, the SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz stack offers a complete “out of box” standards-based star-network solution for implementing long-range, low power wireless networks in the home, building, or city.

Complete solution

  • Lowers total development cost and reduces time to market
  • Supports 200+ nodes
  • Network management, security, and frequency hopping
  • Based on the IEEE 802.15.4 standard
  • FCC/ETSI certification-ready

Network capabilities

  • Data rates: 50kbps, 200kbps, long range 5kbps, and more
  • Frequency bands: 433 MHz, 863 MHz, 915 MHz
  • Ensures successful transmissions: MAC layer acknowledgments, listen-before-talk and CSMA/CA

SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz: Sensor to Cloud

End-to-end solution for low power wide area networks (LPWAN) enabling cloud connectivity for sending and receiving sensor data over a long range Sub-1 GHz star network.

Sensor to cloud

Sensor nodes

The low-power sensor node example application uses our 15.4-Stack to transmit sensor data from SimpleLink CC13xx wireless microcontrollers. Our 15.4-Stack software is included in the SimpleLink CC13x0 and CC13x2 SDKs.


The SimpleLink Sub-1 GHz Sensor to Cloud gateway is the central node in the star network and acts as a secure bidirectional link between sensor nodes and the cloud.

Cloud partners

The IoT cloud application receives sensor node data from the gateway and communicates it to your choice of cloud-based user interfaces.

Build your own or migrate an existing proprietary Sub-1 GHz network solution

We offer a robust set of proprietary software examples and documentation provided through the SimpleLink SDK and SimpleLink academy that can be used as a foundation for creating? a Sub-1 GHz proprietary network or migrating an existing network.

Packet TX/RX training

Most customizable network solution with access to the RF configuration file and RF Drivers. Send and receive Sub-1 GHz packets within minutes with packet transmission and wake-on-radio examples, and validate your transmission with a packet error-rate meter.

EasyLink network building blocks

Higher level Sub-1 GHz network building blocks that abstract the RF driver layer and provide examples for two way communication with acknowledgments, listen before talk, over-the-air-upgrade, and basic network formation.

Interested in migrating your current proprietary network to our SimpleLink MCU platform??View our transceiver migration overview.?

Support and training

Experience comprehensive interactive learning experiences for the SimpleLink portfolio of devices.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

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