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Wireless connectivity

Lowest-power for long range

  • Sensor controller core for MCU power optimization
  • Integrated power amplifier: 78mA at +20dBm

Full-featured and qualified

  • Long range, advertising extension, high speed mode
  • Save space with 4x4 QFN, 2.7x2.7 chipscale package
  • Superior performance: up to -103 dBm sensitivity

BAW resonator technology

  • Optimize designs with our BAW
  • High performance, reduced footprint
  • BLE 5.0 out-of-the box

The crystal-less wireless MCU

Our newest SimpleLink crystal-less wireless MCUs based on our bulk acoustic wave (BAW) resonator technology helps streamline design, optimize space and minimize sourcing challenges by eliminating the need for an external crystal.? Our BAW-enabled MCUs offer superior frequency stability without compromise to RF performance.?

  • Faster development time, without the dependency on quartz crystal
  • Best in class stability +/- 40ppm across full operating range
  • An average of 12% PCB space savings

Say hello to faster network prototyping

Create secure, low-power, multi-band sensor networks in minutes with our new LaunchPad SensorTag Kits. This fully enclosed, battery-operated wireless prototpying platform can jumpstart your development with out-of-the-box battery-operation and on-board sensors.

lpstk board shot

Wireless MCUs optimized for ultra-low power performance

Our SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx wireless MCUs are designed with ultra-low power performance in mind, utilizing an autonomous CPU core called the sensor controller for power optimization. In the case of a Bluetooth Low Energy thermostat,? the main MCU core could sleep while the sensor controller polls temperature sensors, only waking up the main MCU core when the temperature reaches a certain threshold.

Featured Bluetooth Low Energy products


Industry's first BAW resonator crystal-less multi-standard wireless MCU for simple development


Expanded memory and lower power with the newly enhanced ultra-low-power sensor controller.


Ultra-low power Bluetooth Low Energy wireless MCU. Automotive-qualified and WCSP package options available.


Support for Sub-1 GHz + 2.4 GHz concurrency with an integrated 20dBm PA enabling longer range.

Innovative connectivity solutions for automotive systems

Connected automotive systems face unique challenges ranging from secure connections in car access, telematics and wireless sensing modules to stringent power budgets for always-on sub-systems. The SimpleLink platform is designed to meet these challenges with an AEC-Q100 automotive-grade portfolio of ultra-low power wired and wireless SoCs, innovative software libraries and common, code-compatible software development kit.

Bluetooth 5-ready portfolio with AEC-Q100 grade 2 temperature range, wettable flanks package, lowest-power wireless MCU with best-in class RF performance

Industry leading RF performance enabling the next generation of real-time localization systems based on RSSI with connection monitor and Angle-of-Arrival concepts

Leading the adoption of Bluetooth Low Energy in the connected car transformation with proven hardware, certified Bluetooth stacks and the SimpleLink software development Kit

Support and training

Experience comprehensive interactive learning experiences for the SimpleLink portfolio of devices.

Get answers to your design questions from TI design experts!

Explore Bluetooth 5

Learn more about Bluetooth 5 features and how they can enable new applications like industrial automation?(i.e. smart home, smart building)?and?automotive, using your smartphone as a key. TI's SimpleLink? Bluetooth Low Energy?CC2640R2F?is the smallest SoC in the market with a 2.7mm x 2.7mm footprint and part of the?SimpleLink MCU platform of wired and wireless MCUs.

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