Every organization in TI works together to ensure quality and to deliver reliable products, and we are committed to continuously improving our products and process technologies toward that end.

To accurately assess the reliability of TI’s products, we use?accelerated stress?test conditions during qualification testing. These test conditions are carefully chosen to accelerate the failure mechanisms that are expected to occur under normal use conditions. Accelerated stress testing is used to provide estimates of component reliability performance under use conditions and to assist in identifying opportunities for improving the reliability performance of the component.

Find answers to questions about mean time between failures (MTBF), FIT rate, moisture sensitivity level (MSL) ratings and qualification information.

Where is more information on MTBF/FIT?

For a detailed definition on MTBF and FIT, please visit the?reliability terminology?page. For device-specific MTBF/FIT data, please see TI’s?MTBF/FIT estimator.

Where is MSL rating information found?

Moisture sensitivity level (MSL) determines the floor life before the board mounting once its dry bag has been opened. For specific information regarding a device’s MSL rating, please visit the?moisture sensitivity level?tool.

Ex. Enter TI part number “OPA333” into the search box, and click search.

Click on the specific part number to see the moisture level of the part.

For more about MSL, please see our?MSL ratings application note.

What is TI’s qualification approach?

The qualification process is how we confirm that the reliability of our designs, processes, products and packages?meets industry standards. All TI products undergo qualification and reliability testing or qualification by similarity justification prior to release.?

For more information, visit our?reliability testing?page.

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