Quality and reliability

TI is committed to delivering high quality and reliable semiconductor solutions that meet our customers’ needs. Our holistic approach to quality permeates every aspect of the company’s supply chain from process technology and design through manufacturing, packaging, test and delivery.

Employee engagement, customer and supplier relationships, as well as continuous improvement of our processes, products and services form the foundation of our quality philosophy at TI. We employ a range of methodologies and systems to ensure quality and business continuity for customers in even the most demanding applications and markets such as automotive and industrial.

Quality policies & procedures

Our policies and procedures are designed to ensure compliance to a variety of quality specifications, and quickly address quality-related issues.

Environmental information

TI's comprehensive approach to environmental and product stewardship includes all aspects of its operations. We go beyond simply doing what is required by rule or regulation with respect to hazardous substances.


TI performs extensive reliability testing on components across the full breadth of its product portfolio. A variety of tools and calculators provide customers with the latest reliability data.


From ISO to OHSAS, and rigorous automotive standards like TS 16949, TI maintains a range of long-standing certifications that underscore the company’s commitment to quality.

Product shelf life

Standard shelf life for TI products is two years. For certain designated products, TI provides up to five years of extended shelf life (ESL) for continuity of supply and flexibility to customers.

Additional information

TI’s broad focus on quality and reliability has resulted in the creation of numerous resources that are collected here for convenience.

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