Quality system manual

TI’s Quality System is an integrated, interactive platform for managing our quality requirements. Established in 1985, this comprehensive system has been integral to TI’s ability to deliver leadership analog and embedded processing products from its worldwide manufacturing base.

The?Quality System Manual?(QSM), also known as QSM000, accompanies the Quality System and defines policies and procedures used to assure our products and services meet our customers’ requirements, along with International and national standards. The QSM documents work instructions and process flows for specific activities needed to implement the quality management system and quality policy in pursuit of benchmark quality and reliability, and business excellence. It is used across TI by all who are involved in the design, manufacturing and support of TI semiconductor products and services.

* While TI diligently strives to meet all standards, the QSM000 does not constitute contract documents and should not be considered part of the specification for purposes of any warranty.

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