Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Find answers to frequently asked quality, reliability and packaging questions. For questions not listed below, please contact?TI customer support?or TI’s 24-hour chat line.

Quality policies & procedures

TI’s quality policies and procedures help quickly address and resolve any quality-related issue that could arise, from new product qualifications and process change notices to timely resolution of customer issues and complaints. For answers to questions about TI’s quality management system, general quality guidelines (GQG), quality policy manual, change control, and product withdrawal/discontinuance policies,?click here.


TI and its sites around the world have achieved a number of industry certifications to underscore the company’s commitment to delivering high quality and reliability to customers. Find answers to questions about TI’s certifications status on ISO 9001, ISO14001, TS16949 and also Underwriters Laboratories (UL) rating information?here.

Environmental information

Our objective is to conduct our business in such a way that protects and preserves the environment, health and safety of our employees, customers, and the communities where we live and operate. For common questions about TI’s material content, environmental compliance, lead-free and conflict material information, click here.


Across TI, we work together to ensure quality and deliver reliable products, and we are committed to continuously improving our products and process technologies to achieve that goal.?Click here for answers to questions about defective parts per million (DPPM), mean time between failures (MTBF), FIT rate, moisture sensitivity level (MSL) ratings and qualification information.


The qualification process confirms that the reliability of our products, processes, and packages meets industry standards. All TI products undergo qualification and reliability testing or qualification by similarity justification prior to release. Common questions about TI’s qualification process can be found here.

Product shelf life

Shelf life for semiconductor products is based on a number of factors, and?here?you will find answers to questions about what influences a TI product’s shelf life, and other relevant information regarding the shelf life of TI products.

Automotive and Hi Rel quality

Quality and reliability of automotive and Hi Rel products is a huge concern for our customers.?Find answers here?to quality-related questions about TI’s automotive and high-reliablity products for the industrial, space, avionics and defense markets.

Soft error rate (SER)

Soft errors affect the data state of memories and sequential elements and are caused by random radiation events that occur naturally in the terrestrial environment. For answers to basic questions about soft error rates, including possible causes, factors that affect the SER and how to estimate SER,?click here.

Quad Flat No Lead/Small Outline No Lead (QFN/SON) package

TI’s QFN/Son packages offer many advantages, including a small footprint, thin package and excellent thermal performance.?Click here?for answers to questions about TI’s QFN/SON packaging technology’s benefits and best practices for working with QFN/SON devices.

Wafer-level Chip-Scale Package (WCSP)

TI’s WCSP packaging technology is well-suited for a range of applications due to its small footprint and other benefits. Find answers?here?to your questions about TI’s WCSP packaging technology advantages and best practices for working with WCSP devices.

Copper wire/SMT/thermal packages

Find answers to common questions about copper wire, surface mount technology and thermal issues?here.


For answers to general questions about standard terms and conditions of sale, return and refunds information, package drawing and marking,?click here

Customer product returns

To better understand the customer’s observed issue, TI requests detailed and accurate information about the device and the test conditions at the time of the issue. This allows for a more efficient flow through TI’s return process. For instructions on locating the requested device information, click here.

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