Environmental information

TI's comprehensive approach to environmental and product stewardship includes all aspects of its operations. We go beyond simply doing what is required by rule or regulation with respect to hazardous substances.

Product stewardship

TI created a Restricted Chemicals and Materials (RCM) program in line with IEC QC 080000 requirements. This includes the management of first tier suppliers, internal manufacturing processes of materials that become a part of the finished products, data collection, appropriate testing and reporting, management reviews, and timely updates to the latest legislative and customer requirements.

Below are links to information about TI's operations and data on substances contained in our products. Also find information on materials of concern and whether or not they are contained in TI products.

Many customers also have questions around given substances or laws like Eu RoHS and Eu REACH. TI's position statements for these topics are provided below.

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Position statements

For more information, please visit our?Quality & reliability FAQs?or contact?TI customer support.

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