Packaging information

Our innovative approach to packaging helps customers differentiate their products through advancements that deliver reduced package sizes, enhanced reliability, and increased performance in areas including power density, isolation, and signal integrity. Our broad portfolio includes thousands of diversified lead-free packaging configurations that range from?traditional ceramic?and leaded options, to advanced chip scale packages (QFN, WCSP or DSBGA), using fine pitch wire bond and flip chip interconnects, with SiP,?module, stacked and embedded die formats offered.?

Based on a decades-long tradition of excellence in R&D, our advanced packaging solutions also leverage the scale of our manufacturing infrastructure, and are developed in close collaboration with our design and operations partners. With our packaging development know-how, we are well poised to deliver the next wave of innovative solutions that meet our customers’ needs today and in years to come.

Find packages

Search various package families to find technical specifications such as dimension, pin count, pitch, and package drawing.

Find product by package

Search packaging information on TI products by part number, package name or pin count for package drawing, footprint information and more.

Part marking lookup

Use this tool to find TI product information based on package top markings. You may search by actual marking on a TI part, or by a TI part number.

Moisture sensitivity level search

Search for moisture sensitivity level information by your part number or by a TI part number.

SMT & packaging application notes

Get documentation on TI’s surface mount technology (SMT), and find application notes on a variety of packaging topics.

Packaging terminology

Find definitions for TI common package groups, families, and preference codes, along with other important terminology you may find helpful when evaluating TI’s packaging options.

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