Open loop stepper

Open loop stepper system integrated circuits and reference designs


TI’s integrated circuits and reference designs help you create compact, robust and efficient stepper motor drives with accurate high-resolution micro-stepping and smooth torque profile. Integrated micro-step indexer and current control with smart tuning accelerate time to market.

Open loop stepper drive systems often require:

  • Efficient small form factor hardware protected power stage with fault feedback
  • Integrated micro-stepping indexer with stall detection
  • Flexible decay modes for smooth torque and high resolution micro-stepping
  • Input protection against reverse polarity and over current
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PDF 122 KB 20 Jul 2018
PDF 175 KB 02 Dec 2016
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PDF 475 KB 19 Mar 2019
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Design & development

Name Part # Company Software/Tool Type
2.0A Stepper Motor Driver With Integrated Sense Resistor Evaluation Module DRV8886EVM Texas Instruments Evaluation boards
Stepper Motor BoosterPack featuring DRV8711 and CSD88537ND BOOST-DRV8711 Texas Instruments Evaluation boards

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