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Sensors to accurately measure the real world

Design intelligent systems with highly accurate, small-size sensors

Design reliable systems that intelligently anticipate with precision. From self-driving cars and smart buildings to the smallest of watches, systems are making real-time decisions based on what they sense. Leverage our innovative sensors to accurately deliver information from the physical to the digital world enabling intelligent autonomy.

Temperature sensors

Integrate smart temperature monitoring into your design with our high-accuracy, low-power and small-package options

mmWave sensors

Rapidly and accurately sense range, angle and velocity with less power and a smaller footprint using the industry’s first RFCMOS single-chip millimeter wave sensors

Current sensing

High-accuracy and precision, low temperature drift current sensing solutions for protection, feedback control and system monitoring in the small-sized packages your design needs

Magnetic sensors

Unmatched durability and dependability make our highly-accurate magnetic Hall effect sensors the simplest small-sized solutions for any position-sensing application

Humidity sensors

Monitor your humidity and temperature accurately with industry leading low-power devices in small package options

Specialty sensors

Enhance your system performance with high-accuracy and highly integrated position, presence and pressure sensor solutions available in small-package options

Sensor resources

Jumpstart your design with a comprehensive collection of sensing resources that help you protype quickly and accelerate product development with online training videos, tools and reference designs for a wide variety of applications.

Watch and learn with over 150 free, on-demand training videos covering sensor basics to complex design challenges

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

Watch and learn with over 150 free, on-demand training videos covering sensor basics to complex design challenges

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