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Power management

Voltage supervisor?& reset ICs for system protection

Continuous voltage and power-rail monitoring

We have?a wide portfolio of voltage supervisors and reset ICs that includes watchdog timers, push-button ICs, voltage detectors, fixed time delay supervisors?and programmable time delay supervisors. Also known as voltage monitors, these devices continuously monitor system health to ensure proper operation. These devices integrate the right combination of features to provide flexibility for customers across all applications, including automotive, industrial and personal electronics.

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Single channel

Monitors a single voltage rail for undervoltage or overvoltage detection

Window detector

Monitors overvoltage and undervoltage conditions to alert the system when a voltage rail deviates from the permissible tolerance level

Watchdog timer

Prevents freezes or hangs in an MCU and continuously monitors the voltage supply for undervoltage conditions


Monitors multiple voltage rails with high precision

Push-button reset IC

Monitors user presses and provides a reset after the user holds the button for a given time period

Low IQ

Monitors a voltage supply with low-power consumption to achieve longer battery life

Featured supervisors & reset ICs


250-nA voltage supervisor with 1% voltage threshold accuracy available in a smaller SC70 package compared to the TLV803


350-nA and wide VIN (up to 10 V) voltage supervisor with programmable delay and MR pin


0.25% high accuracy automotive overvoltage and undervoltage supervisor with time delay and MR pin

Voltage supervisors video series

Featured technical content

Voltage Supervisors (Reset ICs) Quick Reference Guide (Rev. H)

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Find questions and answers to commonly asked voltage supervisor questions.

Using The Manual Reset On Voltage Supervisors to Debounce a Pushbutton Switch

Learn how our voltage supervisors can debounce signals when the manual reset input has parasitic transients.

Technical resources

Browse complete board-level and system-level reference design circuits to help you quickly evaluate and customize your power system.

Search for any suppliers' supervisor to find our similar devices by parameter.

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

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