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Take control of your power supply sequencing

Whether your system has two voltage rails or dozens, we have a power sequencer to fit your requirements. Power sequencing is an essential part of any design, especially in complex systems that utilize multiple power rails. Today's high-performance processing devices, such as FPGAs, ASICs, PLDs, DSPs, ADCs, and microcontrollers, require multiple voltage rails just to power their own internal circuitry, such as the core, memory, and I/O. These types of applications demand very specific voltage rail power-up and power-down sequencing in order to guarantee reliable operation, better efficiency, and overall system health.

Analog power supply sequencers

Simple power supply sequencing to power up and power down with ease.

Digital power supply sequencers

Flexible sequencing to configure, control, and monitor. Our digital power supply sequencers offer the benefits of PMBus and digital power without changing your power tree.


We offer the easiest method to control the power up and power down sequence of multiple power supplies. Discrete solutions with a combination of resistors and capacitors can provide power-up sequencing, but by themselves cannot provide a reverse sequence during power down. The LM3880 and LM3881 simple power supply sequencers offer:

  • Power-up and power-down sequence control
  • Simple implementation
  • Tiny footprint (LM3880?- 2.9x1.6 mm;?LM3881?- 3.0x3.0 mm)
  • Cascade two sequencers to achieve up to 6 sequenced rails
  • Adjustable sequence timing with external capacitor (LM3881)

Power sequencing with reset ICs

We also offers a simple option to consider for power-up sequencing using reset ICs with adjustable timing. The family of TPS3860xx supervisors offers:

  • Ability to monitor and sequence up to four individual rails
  • Allow timing to be adjusted with four individual external capacitors
  • Small 4x4 mm footprint
  • Consume minimal power (11 μA)


The UCD90x family of digital power supply sequencers, also known as system health monitors, provides a comprehensive digital solution for complex power systems:

  • Configurable power-up and power-down sequence control for up to 24 power rails based on timing and/or dependencies (rail and/or pin)
  • PMBus/I2C interfaces, voltage, current and temperature monitoring
  • Multiple levels of Fault Detection and Recovery (shutdown/re-start/re-sequence)
  • Easy-to-use Fusion Digital Power? integrated circuit GUI allows easy configuration creation and full customization without firmware development
  • Additional features such as open and close loop voltage margining, NV memory fault logging, fully customizable sequencing dependencies, customized Boolean logic driven GPIOs, fan control, system watchdog timer, and system reset
  • Larger systems can cascade multiple devices

Our digital power supply sequencers offer the benefits of PMBus and digital power without changing your power tree.

ucd90240 block diagram

Training and support

Find tips and tricks, helpful blogs, application notes, videos, and much more. Topics include how to work with sequencers, specific design considerations, and software support.

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