Microcontrollers (MCU)

16-bit and 32-bit microcontrollers

High-performance, low-power solutions to enable the autonomous future

We provide a portfolio of low-power, high-performance microcontrollers (MCUs) with wired and wireless options. Supported by a common RTOS software platform, you have access to a robust development ecosystem that includes LaunchPad? Development Kits. We offer the right mix of silicon, software and development tools to differentiate and get your product to market faster.

Arm?-based SimpleLink? wireless MCUs & wired MCUs

The broadest portfolio of differentiated wired and wireless Arm? MCUs, supported by a single development environment.

Ultra-low-power MSP430? MCUs

Ultra-low-power microcontrollers for industrial sensing and measurement applications.

Real-time control C2000? MCUs

Optimized for real-time control intensive applications including electric vehicles, industrial drives and digital power.

MCU design support

Receive fast and reliable technical support from our engineers throughout every step of your design.

Connected MCU training

Learn more about our on-demand and in-person training events.

Technical Article

TI microcontroller technical articles

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