DLP products

TI DLP? technology

An industry leader in display and advanced light control solutions

advanced light control

Advanced light control

Incredibly fast pattern rates along with ultraviolet and infrared chip offerings fuel diverse and innovative industrial solutions.

display and projection

Display and projection

Bring HD resolution, high brightness and impressive colors to life with a portfolio of display chips ranging in size and performance to match your product needs.

Automotive solutions

Enhance the driving experience with bright, wide field-of-view and augmented reality head-up display (HUD) capability.

Featured technical resources

This series of videos covers everything about DLP products, from the basics of the technology to application-specific design challenges.

Use our selection guide to learn about the entire DLP products portfolio and choose the right chipset for your design.

Explore the many ways interactive projection displays can be integrated into a variety of home appliances.

DLP technology now supports high-powered industrial imaging systems using NIR lasers.

Explore the next evolution in driving with our design insights on augmented reality head-up displays.

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