Clocks & timing

Optimize system-level performance with our clocks & timing devices

A broad portfolio of flexible devices to reduce jitter and simplify your design

Get the best performance in your design with our broad portfolio of low-jitter, easy-to-use clocks and timing devices. Our portfolio allows you to build your clock tree with simple, discrete devices?or?highly-integrated solutions?to solve your system timing needs. Learn how our devices enable industry-leading performance in a variety of applications.

Clock buffers

Clock buffers with low additive jitter featuring up to 18 outputs for industry-standard output formats including LVCMOS, LVDS, LVPECL and HCSL.

RF PLLs & synthesizers

Wideband, low-phase noise, high-performance solutions for applications that need low-power RF signaling.

Jitter cleaners & network synchronizers

Flexible, low-phase noise PLLs with industry-leading hitless switching performance for jitter cleaning and network synchronization.

Clock generators

Flexible and easy-to-use high-performance single or multiple PLL solutions for clocking high-speed serial links including PCI Express (PCIe).


Standard and programmable oscillators with less than 100 fs RMS jitter in industry-standard packages.

RTCs & timers

Real-time clocks (RTCs) and timers to optimize system power consumption with support for long timer monitoring and accurate clocking.

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