4417 Oleatha Ave
St. Louis, MO 63116
Office: 314.773.3200
Fax: 314.773.4120

Contract Packaging



As one of the largest contract packagers in the St. Louis area, Industrial Aid is committed to providing the best customer service.  Our goal is to build partnerships with our customers and always focus on your needs.  To ensure that you receive information quickly you will always deal directly with top decision makers.  In addition you will be assigned a customer service representative who will provide you with daily schedule updates, production, and shipping information.




Our building includes a 100,000 square foot warehouse and a new 52,000 square foot production facility.  The state-of-the-art production area was designed around flexibility.  We recognize that your schedules and needs change.  Because of our open floor plan and electrical raceway system we are able to add, move, and changes lines quickly.  We also run extended shifts, 2nd shifts, and weekends if needed to meet your deadlines.




Industrial Aid provides many contract packaging services.  Some of these include:


o      High Speed Shrink Wrapping

o      Product Displays

o      Pallet Displays

o      Assembly

o      Labeling

o      Poly Bagging

o      Blister Packaging

And many more …

To find out more about our packaging services or to obtain a quote please contact Mike Stroud, Executive Director or Tracy Gritsenko, Sales Manager.

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