Personal electronics

Personal electronics

Jump start your consumer and portable electronic designs with our solutions for the entire signal chain. We deliver the most reliable, scalable and power-efficient solutions for consumer and portable electronic end-equipment applications.

Connected peripherals & printers

We offer a vast portfolio of field-proven solutions for your computer peripheral device design that optimize the overall system for performance, power and size.

Data storage

We offer signal chain and power system solutions supporting SSD systems enabling fast time to market.


From gaming peripherals to electronic toys and robots, our extensive portfolio includes compact and versatile devices, efficient power management solutions, and a wide array of sensors to enable a more immersive experience.

Home theater & entertainment

Our embedded processing and analog solutions offer high level integration, flexibility, and high-speed video interface products designed around the home theater experience.

Mobile phones

Analog and power management solutions for mobile applications.

PC & notebooks

Our solutions that address performance, storage, capacity and reliability issues.

Portable electronics

Our solutions for portable electronics integrate audio and digital expertise, providing increased flexibility, compact and versatile devices, and power-efficient solutions for consumers.


Our TV solutions cover the initial capture of video content to the analog circuitry needed for the final viewing experience.


Our analog devices offer high performance, low power system solutions.

Wearables (non-medical)

From analog and power management to MCUs and wireless connectivity, we offer the most innovative and extensive product portfolio for wearable solutions.

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