Engineering smarter, stronger industrial designs

Our system expertise and large selection of reference designs allow engineers to design smarter, more robust industrial systems that create safer and efficient environments for any industrial market. Whether designing for Industry 4.0 or motor drive and control, we can help you meet the toughest system-level challenges.

Aerospace & defense

Discover products and solutions that meet harsh environment standards.


Our innovative system solutions add maximum functionality to help you engineer smarter appliances and power tools.

Building automation

Resources to help you engineer a smarter building.

Electronic point of sale (EPOS)

Build differentiated solutions for retail automation and banking automation.

Factory automation & control

We help you engineer smarter factory automation and control systems that make Industry 4.0 a reality.

Grid infrastructure

Helping you engineer smarter, digital power grid system solutions.

Industrial transport (non-car & non-light truck)

Solutions to push performance and increase intelligence for your agricultural, construction and rail transport system design.


Solutions for LED lamp replacement, down lights, and area/street lighting.


Find next-generation system solutions for medical, healthcare and fitness applications.

Motor drives

Our motor drive system solutions allow higher integration and improved power efficiency and reliability.

Power delivery

System solutions that enable smarter power delivery.

Pro audio, video & signage

Resources for display and digital signage solutions.

Test & measurement

Discover innovative solutions for test and measurement.

Technical Article

Trends and design ideas

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