Body electronics & lighting

Accelerate the advancement of lighting and passenger comfort and convenience

Create body electronics and lighting systems that are more advanced, efficient and flexible. Our interactive system block diagrams guide you to a robust catalog of ICs, reference designs and supporting content that empowers you to design next-generation body electronics and lighting systems. Jump-start your designs now.

Featured literature

Trends and topologies for automotive rear lighting systems (Rev. A)

Explore the electrical challenges facing modern automotive lighting needs and investigate possible solutions to overcome them.

Evolving automotive gateways for next-generation vehicles (Rev. A)

Automotive architectures are rapidly evolving with a trend towards semi-autonomous and eventually fully-autonomous vehicles. See how the automotive gateway and telematics control unit architectures are are being reevaluated.

Open Load Detection and Limp Home Function in BCM

Open load detection and limp home function are important functions of your body control module (BCM). Leverage our application note to enhance your BCM, while designing safe and reliable automotive systems.

Technical Article

Body electronics & lighting technical articles

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