Education engagement

calculator technology for STEM

Technology for STEM education

Spark an interest in kids about why science and math matter. Ignite curiosity about big ideas. Motivate today’s students to become tomorrow’s inventors, and have them understand the power of problem-solving to tackle some of our planet’s most pressing challenges. Our products for STEM education and learning environments aim to do all of this and include tools for visualization; computation; analysis; and exploration of concepts in math, science and engineering for students in middle grades through college and university.?

K-12 math & science

teacher and student on calculator

Many standardized tests and college entrance exams permit or even require the use of a graphing calculator. Our TI-Nspire? CX technology includes calculators, software, apps for iPad? and a classroom management system that use the same functionality and content to deepen student understanding of mathematics through exploration of math and science concepts. Our graphing calculators are ideal for students to use in math, science and engineering classes from middle school through university.

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Coding & introductory concepts

students learning how to code

The TI-Innovator? hub is the centerpiece of the TI-Innovator? system, a project kit that extends the functionality of our graphing calculators to introduce students to the basics of coding and to make engineering design concepts accessible to students in the classroom. The system
extends the functionality of the TI-84 Plus CE calculator and the TI-Nspire CX handheld with technology for STEM coding and projects that help build critical thinking and problem-solving skills.?

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Advanced electrical engineering

student working through curriculum

We work with university professors worldwide to equip engineering students with the curriculum and real-world technology that will help them learn and apply engineering principles so they will be prepared to succeed on day one of their engineering careers.? ? ?

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