Education engagement

Texas Instruments employee and student learning

STEM teaching & learning resources

We are passionate about reshaping the teaching and learning of STEM subjects across all grade levels to better prepare students for postsecondary and workforce success. One of the ways we do this is by providing educational STEM resources designed to help teachers and faculty connect students’ learning experiences to the real world and to help open career paths that are rooted in math, science and engineering concepts.

Middle grades through high school

Teacher showing students how to code

We seek to improve STEM education at its root by equipping teachers with the tools they need to teach math and science more effectively and to bring STEM subjects to life in the classroom. Resources for middle school through high school include lessons and classroom activities that promote deeper thinking and develop problem-solving skills with standards-aligned activities encouraging exploration of STEM concepts and connections. We also provide online and face-to-face professional development programs to help teachers develop the STEM skills needed to engage students.

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college students learning how to code

Our university program is dedicated to supporting engineering educators, researchers and students worldwide. Since 1982, the program has facilitated the inclusion of our analog and embedded processing technology in the learning experience for engineering students. By doing this, we are working to bridge the gap between business and academia, bringing real world engineering concepts to life for thousands of students every year.

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Engineer your future

Insights into electrical engineering
What do electrical engineers really do? They change the world, one idea at a time. And we believe that if you want to change the world, you can, too. So believe in yourself and your possibilities, and open your eyes to what you can be when you engineer your future.
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