Education engagement

engineering the future

Engineering the future through education

We believe if students want to change the world, they can. The ingredients are simple: Them, and their education. With an education, students are unstoppable. They are the ones who will use mathematical concepts to explain the world around us. They are the ones who will use science to harness our planet’s resources. And they are the ones who will engineer tiny electronic ingredients that enable the next frontiers of smart robots, autonomous vehicles and space exploration. This is why we are hard at work to open their eyes to what they can be when they engineer the future.

Inspire STEM stories

In this series of "Inspire STEM" stories, learn how we all can encourage students to engineer their futures.

Read more and be inspired to get involved in STEM.

Robotics competitions

Robotics competitions combine sports with STEM education in a fun, exciting way – so fun that teams may not even realize how much they’re learning! Students use teamwork, imagination and problem-solving to compete in technical challenges and develop learning skills they can apply to a future STEM career.

?Learn more about our approach to robotics competitions:

Initiatives around the globe

We work with educators and their organizations to provide learning opportunities for students around the world, including programs that better prepare students for future opportunities in STEM. We aim to bring STEM subjects to life and to open the eyes of students to the potential of STEM careers. Our commitment to education is our highest priority for employee volunteerism and corporate and foundation giving.

Learn more about how we are fostering education around the globe:

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