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We set high standards for our products and global operations. Our technologies are redefining power management, expanding options for renewable energy and making energy-saving improvements that result in greater efficiency and cost savings.

Environmental responsibility

Environmental responsibility

We are committed to engineering a better tomorrow by doing our part to protect the environment and reduce the impacts of our operations. We have a long history of environmental stewardship – our long-standing programs champion recycling, reducing air emissions and reducing our environmental footprint in communities where we operate.

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Supply chain management

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Our people create world-changing technologies, but we cannot do it alone. Our 11,000 suppliers around the globe work with us to deliver materials or services to help us innovate and grow.

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Responsible manufacturing

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From connected cars to intelligent homes; from self-monitoring health devices to automated factories, our technologies are in every type of electronic system. We are committed to responsibly designing and manufacturing products that solve some of the world's biggest challenges and enhance people’s lives around the globe.

Read on for how our teams developed?new technology that charges your smartphone in just 30 minutes.?

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Our employees

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Our people – known simply as TIers – have been redefining what’s possible for decades. Each day, we tackle challenges, remove obstacles and deliver the products our customers need. From engineers designing and testing products to technicians and operators fabricating semiconductors on factory floors, we are relentless in our drive to envision and create what’s next.?Discover how our employees are innovating every day.?

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